Discovery and Neighborhoods

There’s nothing like a brisk walk in the cool Pacific NW air after a long flight from the East Coast. While walking around my sisters neighborhood on Fox Island, I came upon the site for a new development. It’s all gated and fancy with manicured plantings and a road. No homes yet, but here comes the Discovery part, beautiful overgrown fields filled with wildflowers!

I assume this is an old farm site that has gone wild. The chaos as nature tries to reclaim what was hers is lovely to witness. It makes me sad to see the plot numbers evenly spaced out. I wish more communities could try to save a few of these places for natural areas. I know it takes money, but how lovely to have a place for all to share and enjoy a little piece of nature?

Anyway, I have enjoyed this moment in time and will continue to enjoy it during my visit. I know it is fleeting, but have taken a few shots with my Panasonic Lumix to document this period in time and remind me of the joy of discovery in a new place.