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I’ve been meaning to update my website for 2 years now. It is outdated and stagnant, but time, money and my innate procrastination skills have put it off for too long now. So my friend Rod Barbee put me onto these cool website creation plug ins from The Turning Gate.These plug into the Lightroom web module and allow you to create a website from scratch with update-able image galleries. Which is great since all of my images are organized in Lightroom.

These tools make website creation fairly straightforward. As with everything there is a learning curve! The company has great tutorials to walk you through the various stages of creation and the on screen information is good as well. It helps that I’ve actually had experience writing my own website so I understand the basic coding behind it, but there is so much new stuff out there I didn’t want to learn an entirely new language to have a modern looking website. You could also pay someone to design a site for you and if I had the money I would go that route! Sadly the nature photographer is not so highly paid.

As with all things it takes some time to determine the ‘look’ of your site. I find this tedious but necessary for branding and cohesiveness of your business. The Turning Gate offers several free templates to get you started and then you can customize colors and images to your hearts content. Take some time to look at other peoples websites to get an idea of what you want and what you like.

Then map out what you want to offer. For example you’ll have a splash or home page, galleries, services of some sort, about you and contact info. Write down everything you want and under what heading you want it. Do you want to sell from your site? Turning Gate has cart options as well. There are a ton of options available to the photographer.

If you are starting a business I highly recommend having a graphic artist design a logo for you. Fortunately my friend helped me out. Make sure it is something you like and use it everywhere, again branding is the key!

So if you’re looking to create a website and are already using Lightroom check out Turning Gate. The prices are good for the variety of options available plus you can mix and match to create what you want!

Check out Rod Barbee’s  site to see what he did with the The Turning Gate and be on the lookout for a new website from me!



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  1. Absolutely love Lightroom…for anyone who is considering an image editing program and wants something that is not as ginormous as Photoshop…Lightroom is the ticket! Have just gotten my feet wet but really love it. There are a number of tutorials out there to help with learning curve also. It’s not as expensive as PS and you don’t have to be concerned with LAYERS!

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