2017 – Paths, Pits and Pictures

Time flies and suddenly it’s a New Year! Last year was a time of recovery and healing for me. The passing of my father was not unexpected but still shocking all the same. Losing anyone dear to you changes your world.  It takes time to learn to live without them in your life.

Many feelings lift us up and crush us down. Sadness, depression, anxiety, happiness, love, freedom. We try to fill this jagged chasm of loss with memories of love and happiness. Over time it smooths out, but it will always be a pit on our path.

I found freedom. Freedom from worry, commitments, being a caregiver. Anyone who’s ever cared for someone else understands. There’s guilt over this new found freedom. It’s ok to feel these things. We are sad for the loss or change,  but it can’t last forever or stay the same. Life is change. So you do your best to climb out of the pit and start down the path again.

Depression and anxiety seem to be the most insidious of all. They plague the daily lives of many of us. Any change in our world adds to it. I strive daily to deal with it. Some days are better than others. So I continue down my path with all its twists and turns.

I am thankful for my family, friends, and co-workers – both in person and through social media. I am blessed with a wide range of work and hobbies that connects me with so many amazing people. It’s these people that filled my photography this past year. These images show me love, happiness, laughter, some sadness, and accomplishments.  Here’s my journey in 2017…

As the sun sets on one life,

Sunset at the Point overlook, Shenandoah National Park

it rises again to show us the light and give us hope.

Freedom Bell outside Union Station, Washington DC

We learn from the past

Discovery Space Shuttle at Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum

and look to the future.

ULA Delta IV rocket launch, Cape Canaveral, Florida

We lift our heads up each day and try to live the best we can.

Turtle at Cleveland Aquarium

Some days we fail.

Palm Warbler, Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, Florida

Some days we succeed.

A friend celebrates his birthday and battle over cancer

We reconnect with friends from long ago.

College friends at 1920’s murder mystery party

We strive,

Building on the Kitchen for Gardiners Company


Relaxing after cooking a delicious feast for  Gardiners Company

and laugh with our friends.

Sharing a celebration of accomplishment with an amazing artisan and friend

We share time with family,

Texas family

and friends far away.

Seattle friends

We enjoy the beauty around us.

Fire Pink, Old Mills Trail, Charlottesville, VA
Ladybug, Old Mills Trail, Charlottesville, VA

We celebrate the accomplishments of our loved ones.

Longtime friends and Texans

We say goodbye to a beloved pet,

Oz, Purr-bot, 2005-2017

and then laugh and squeeze the others


We see the ordinary a little differently.

Rotunda, the University of Virginia with Jefferson statue
Pike fencing, Gardiners Company
Cooking an amazing feast for Gardiners Company, fall muster.

And we hold on tight to the ones we love.

My best friend and love of my life.

Here’s to another year and your path, wherever it takes you and your photography.

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