I now have two books published in my Beginning Shots Series! "Getting to Know Your Digital Camera" and "Create Beautiful Images: Basic Composition and Lighting"

These books are the culmination of years of teaching my beginning photography classes. I wanted to create a series packed with information in a fun, easy to read and view format for new photographers. With the help of my wonderful Graphic artist friend, Cynthia Gisiner, I believe I achieved my goal! She created a beautiful format for each book and designed smashing covers.

I have come to love teaching and hope students find these books useful. My plan is to continue with a series of intermediate and advanced books as well. I also have plans to add small video clips to enhance the teaching experience. The book format can support this so I can’t wait to get started on that.

Each e-book is published in Kindle format, supported on any device and is only $4.99!. Get a copy for yourself or as a gift for the aspiring photographer in your life.


Buy Getting to Know Your Digital Camera


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I appreciate all of the students that have made these books possible and everyone in my life that supports what I do.

Below are descriptions of each book:

Getting to Know Your Digital Camera

Learn the basics of your digital camera in a fun, easy to read manual with plenty of practice exercises so you can get shooting! Cameras help us capture the moments of our lives; so don’t miss out on learning how to make the most of your camera. We’ll start at the beginning with a digital primer. In it we’ll demystify megapixels, file size, file formats, and types of cameras. Then we’ll address basic navigation of the camera and learn some terminology. Once we have the basics set up we’ll learn a little about how the camera works. Understanding a few key features will make photographing so much more enjoyable and then you can move onto the fun stuff – making beautiful memorable pictures.

A solid foundation in photography comes from understanding the basics of how the camera works and sees the world around us. So you’ll get a primer on exposure, light, shutter speeds, and aperture. Then I’ll teach you how to choose the proper shooting mode for the situation, get sharp images by paying attention to how much light you have, avoid unwanted colorcasts, control how bright or dark the image is, know when to use the flash and when to avoid it, and so much more. Don’t worry; I will not force you to learn full manual control of the camera, yet. If you have a desire to move on, I’ll have a book for that in my Intermediate Shots series.

This book is also great for those of you unsure what type of camera to buy and for those of you looking to upgrade. Get an overview on camera types and the variety of shooting modes and what they can do in various shooting situations.

This guide, the first in a series, will give you a solid foundation in photography. These books are drawn on 12 years of teaching photography to people like you and me. Continue on to learn about composing the image and seeing great light in my next Beginning Shots e-book, Create Beautiful Images. Want more? I plan to take you to the Intermediate and Advanced levels as well. Stay tuned!

Create Beautiful Images: Basic Composition and Lighting

My goal for this e-book is to teach you how to compose an image and learn a little about light. We’ll start with identifying your subject and how to place it in the frame while also looking at supporting elements and the background. Then we’ll dive into light to see how the light strikes the subject and then evaluate the quality of that light. Finally, there’s a quick technical review and exercises for you to practice.

This e-book is part 2 of my Beginning Shots series that gets you up and running with your camera and teaches you how to see light and how to compose dynamic and beautiful images. I’ve packed it full of images so you can actually see what I’m talking about.

Some testimonials from former students:

“In reflecting on earlier workshops and private lessons I took with you I realize how much you provided me with inspiration and instruction for photograph. Please continue your classes and workshops to positively influence others. As you know good teachers are rare and you are one.” Morris L.

“Fantastic and fun learning experience – as I’ve come to expect from Victoria! Love the humor!” Dana T.

“I enjoyed the class and was a true novice with my camera and I’m not so afraid of it now. “ Connie H.

For more testimonials visit here.

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