"I recently attended a workshop in which Victoria taught and can honestly say that, if you want to learn and improve your understanding and shooting skills, you owe it to yourself to take a course or workshop with her. Photography has so many facets and is so complex that it is easy to get lost. You will never get lost with Victoria, because she explains clearly and concisely what you need to know. Victoria really cares that you learn photographic skills. She has also developed a set of course notes that are fantastic in helping you understand what you are doing...they are unrivalled in their clarity. Victoria's approach to photography in the field is very practical and always accompanied by a great sense of humor. You will greatly enjoy the learning process and it will be painless. I envy anyone who lives in the Charlottesville area, where she teaches. Whether attending her local classes or joining her for a workshop, your skills will improve beyond your wildest dreams if you avail yourself of the opportunity. She is the best instructor I've come across...period." --Freddie Kelvin, Olympic National Park Workshop
    "Fantastic and fun learning experience - as I've come to expect from Victoria! Love the humor!"--Dana Trayham, Composition & Critique
    "I enjoyed the class and was a true novice with my camera and I'm not so afraid of it now. It was fun seeing everyones pictures and I could pick out the problems as we went along and recognize the good ones. " --Connie Hund, Discover Digital Photography
    "Victoria is very knowledgable and made the class fun. I came away knowing much more than when I came in. " --Beverly, Intermediate Photography
    "This class was a nice combination of exploration, lecture and hands on exercises. You will benefit if you are a beginner or a person who knows some more advanced techniques. The instructor presents very well - organized descriptions of the techniques and features. She is very knowledgable about photography and communicates very effectively using good examples and illustrations." --Jim Fergus, Intermediate Photography
    "Excellent - I feel much more comfortable using other settings besides automatic. Felt very comfortable asking questions if something was not understood. Victoria never makes the student's questions seem unimportant. Very, very organized and knowledgable about subject." --Anne Scott, Intermediate Photography
    "Just what I expected and wanted! Take the class! You will learn a lot about composition as well as tidbits about the camera. Handouts are excellent and very helpful." --Pat Temples, Composition and Critique
    "Very satisfying. It definitely improved the way I compose my pictures."--Ali Johnson, Composition and Critique
    "Very good experience. Class well presented. I appreciated your time spent with each student and their camera being sure everyone could find the feature you were going to discuss. Very well organized - notes, lectures, photo examples. " --Liz Fergus, Intermediate Photography
    "It was a very detailed introduction to Photoshop Elements which I had never tried before. I feel like I'll be less afraid to try things now and the notes will be very helpful when I finally get to play with it at home."--Pat Brill, Photoshop Class
    "Thank you so much for teaching the beginner's course at Farmington. I had fun, learned a lot about my camera and best of all, I've become more observant. Now I have my eyes open on my daily walk, looking for pictures, and I find myself noticing flowers, the sky, trees and all kinds of things that I once overlooked. Thank you!" --Laurie Keenan, Discover Digital Photography
    "Wonderful! I have learned so much. My photo taking has changed so much I know now what to look for, what to get rid of and just how to take better pictures. Victoria knows her stuff. She is very organized and is able to communicate very clearly." --Anne Costain, Composition & Critique
    "Victoria has the unique ability to bring her huge knowledge base to a level that is understandable to a newbie while still providing really helpful information. In other words, she doesn't talk over my head with technical stuff and she doesn't talk in such simple basic terms that the info is too watered down. She's really good at striking a balance. "--Dana Trayham, Composition & Critique
    "I was tired yesterday, and not really "up" for a Camera Club meeting. At supper-time I debated whether to curl up on the couch or drive down to the Science Museum; eventually I reluctantly decided to attend the meeting. You made my night! Your talk was interesting, informative, even somewhat inspiring. Instead of just reeling off dozens of photos none of us could hope to duplicate, you offered advice and suggestions that anyone, novice to expert, could put to practical use. There's no question my results will show improvement as a result of your tips. Thank you so much for giving up your evening to bring a bit of enlightenment to ours. It was thoroughly enjoyable! " --Dave Erickson, Charlottesville Camera Club
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